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Leather Sofa

  • LZ700
  • LZ700
  • LZ700
  • LZ700
  • LZ700


  • Product No.: LZ700
  • Application: Home/Comercial
  • Frame material: imported Russia kiln dried pine wood
  • Upholstery material:fabric/ Genuine Leather
  • Product description: The ergonomics leans design in modern concise style with comfortable hand feeling and elegant appearance,which is our persistent pursuit of quality.

A set of sofa can be a good place for you to communicate with your children and improve your parent-child relationships. You can watch cartoons with children; A reading or games together, and more than you can image. Sitting on the Lizz sofa with your child and growing up with them, a great blessing in life. What are you waiting for? Lizz furniture can fulfill your sofa dreams.


  • Superior Modern luxury style.
  • Scientific Shaped & Sizes
  • Comfortable padded back cushions & Resilience Seating
  • Professional Handcraft of Cutting and Sewing
  • Strong Hardwood Frame
  • Free Combination / Modular of Different Sofa Elements
  • Designed Prefab or Customized Color Choices
A perfect choice for your home!




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