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Leather Sofa

  • LZ2206
  • LZ2206
  • LZ2206
  • LZ2206


  • Product No.: LZ2206
  • Application: Home/Comercial
  • Frame material: imported Russia kiln dried pine wood
  • Upholstery material:Genuine Leather/Imitation leather
  • Product description: The ergonomics leans design in modern concise style with comfortable hand feeling and elegant appearance,which is our persistent pursuit of quality.

LIZZ Furniture U shape leather couch/sofa LZ2206 is absolutely superior option for your home design. Sofa, is always the most important part in our living life. In your house, no matter big or small, there must be at least a set of sofa in our living room. Whether you are enjoying family life, sharing the joy of good time your families, or a TV show, a movie alone, you need a set of sofa, and sometimes, the sofa can be your second resting bed.


  • Scientific Shaped & Sizes
  • Ultra-modern European Style
  • Comfortable padded back cushions & Resilience Seating
  • Professional Handcraft of Cutting and Sewing
  • Free Combination / Modular of Different Sofa Elements
  • Designed Prefab or Customized Color Choices
  • LED light makes your living room more colorful
  • U shape leather sofa include(cm):  3s with arm:185*105*83 + Corner:108*108*80 + 2S:150*95*83 + Chaise:192*130*83 + Middle table:42*93*68 + OPTIONAL Coffee table:130*70*43 + Tv Stand:195*45*43
A perfect choice for your home!



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