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Lizz Furniture sticks to the original design line, adhering to the fashion, casual, elegant Italian design style to find favor in many customers' eyes. With an international vision, a superior design quality, it becomes a win vane of global fashion furniture. By combining different culture from the East to the West, China Lizz Furniture Co, Ltd has successfully launching his brands: Lizz Furniture,Floria casa and others. Basing on the concept of original design, Lizz Furniture is fast developed with four furniture factories: Sofa & bed, steel, wooden and mattress, and found a unique life style with the advantage of strong matching. Lizz Furniture brand products are famous for fashion, modern, leisure while its brand products are high end, classic and luxurious. Corporate Culture 1.1 Group Ambition: Providing citizens worldwide with fashionable and comfortable home living commodities to get people a better comprehension of furniture culture, thus contributing to the world home living culture. 1.2 Group Credo: Employee's career is developed based on collective interests. Only when the collective is developing and strengthening, employee's interests can be sa...




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